Everyone loves to save money, so Mobile Detailing LLC offers several options to pinch pennies, yet receive the best service available.

COMBINATION DISCOUNTS: (excludes tow trailers, RV/campers, and boats)

Have multi-vehicles that need detailed inside and out? Call for a discounted price! Discounts do not apply to a la Carte services.


Just like anything in life, prevention is the key to saving money. Regularly cleaning your vehicle’s interior and exterior will inevitably extend the life of the car, and increase its value if you decide to trade it in. Since the vehicle is detailed on a regular basis, it will not require the same amount of product, effort, and cleaning on each visit. It is for this reason that a maintenance plan does not cost the same amount as the standard full detail cost.

Just choose how often you want visits – once a week, twice a week, every two weeks. Contact us at 803-260-5304 to receive your personal quote and all the details.


Call us today at 803-260-5304, or click HERE to contact us for the gift that keeps on giving – a gift certificate.

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